Ninette Koning - Art and nature

Statement and bio: 

Statement and bio: The power of simplicity within the chaos of possibilities.

Art and nature have opposite sides where separation and integration are interesting for Ninette Koning. She wants to be sensitive for the continuous changes in nature and to intensify her artwork she does a lot of research about contrasts. Behind the chaos of contrasts there is serenity in unity. There often is a charisma of natural serenity and sobriety in her works, a balance obtained by the contrasts.

As written in an art critic: ‘The works of Ninette Koning have a modest character, a grand gesture and a poetic power.’


After her studies in Monumental Art at the Royal Academy of Visual Arts and as a member of the Dutch Society of Sculptors, Ninette Koning has developed as an artist who pleasantly surprises many spectators at home and abroad with her work of unorthodox materials and designs. .  

The 'Beelden magazine' has paid attention to her work several times.

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