Ninette Koning - Art and nature

Statement about my work: 

The power of simplicity within the chaos of possibilities.
When I am outside (in the country) my eyes are attracted by weather-beaten and old objects like pieces of driftwood; smooth and bleached by sun, sand and water. Or a rusty pin, once maybe the capstone of a door. A dot of paint left as a remainder of the last owner. Rust draws form and structure on the surface. What I like so much about the old and weather-beaten objects is the story told by the history it shows, the history  that indicates ephemerality.
My land-art installations are often site-specific and the materials I collect are mostly natural and waste materials. If possible I work with waste materials and C2C principles.
Art and nature have opposite sides where separation and integration are interesting for me. I try to be sensitive for the continuous changes in nature and to intensify my artwork I do a lot of research about contrasts. Behind the chaos of contrasts there is serenity in unity. There often is a charisma of natural serenity and sobriety in my works, a balance obtained by the contrasts.

As written in an art critic: ‘The works of Ninette Koning have a modest character, a grand gesture and a poetic power.’

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