Ninette Koning - Art and nature
LIFELINE / LEVENSADE Friendliness Open Connection, dri detail Open Connecti Copper Tree Support OVERVIEW LAND ART/PU Force of Nature, ord OVERVIEW LAND ART/PU interview nr 1 OVERVIEW LAND ART/PU OVERVIEW LAND ART/PU Landscape Line, 2018 Markers, 175x200x250 Future tree, 600x140 OVERVIEW LAND ART/PU Woods, Hockney, Koni HOME AND AWAY, 2018 DUCKSTAD, Kunst aan Time, Time's up Hotspot, Kunstmaand Flock Exotic Conservation, 2015 Watercarrier, 2015 CONVERTER, 2010,&nbs Ambition, 2014, 500x Who's got the fu ILLUSION, 2013, moss QR CODE, 2013, concr GUARDING, 2012, Rior Detail Guarding. POETIC SPRING, 2012, WHERE ARE YOU GOING? MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE SAMBUCUS FLORIBUNDA, SUN AND MOON, 2006. THE THEORY OF PROBAB UP AND DOWN, 2009 CACTUS MARITIME, 200 BOOM BABY BOOM, 2010 THE WARRIOR, 2009,&n Community art, LIMIT Community art, ONCE Community art, WAVE
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